The Cost

We provide funerals to suit all budgets and requirements with no hidden, inflated or extra costs. Our funerals are tailored to the individual. We do not have package prices as we believe this encourages you to pay for things you may not necessarily have chosen, instead we work with you and your budget to achieve the funeral you wish for your loved one.

The cost for funerals is one of the UK’s fastest rising costs, outstripping inflation, wages and pensions with the average funeral in the South East costing £4,090 (according to a recent Sun Life 2016 survey), we buck the trend our funerals are often well under half the average, which is considerably less than other local firms. Why are we less? Simply, Freedom Funerals was founded on the ethos of providing affordable funerals for everyone. We provide low-cost funerals without compromising personal service or attention to detail.

If you are unable to afford a funeral or are on certain benefits you can apply to the Department for Work and Pensions for funeral payment. This may not necessarily cover all the costs and is subject to eligibility checks. Please click here to download a funeral grant application form.