Planning the Funeral

Arranging a funeral is extremely personal and should reflect the wishes of the deceased and their family. There is no “right way” and we are here to help and support you to arrange a funeral that appropriately commemorate and celebrates the life of your loved one.

Whether you are considering a burial, cremation or a green funeral; a religious or secular ceremony something traditional or unusual we will take you through every step and provide advice on things you may need to think about.

We will help you with every aspect including paperwork, liaising with the burial ground/crematorium, organising a religious leader or celebrant, producing order of services, helping coordinate music, arranging transport, administering donations, organising flowers and much more.

We provide funerals to suit all budgets and requirements with no hidden, inflated or extra costs including low-cost funerals without compromising personal service or attention to detail.

Freedom Funerals

Chapel of Rest

Once you have entrusted the deceased to us we will take care of them with respect and professionalism. Your loved one can be be taken from their place of death to our private chapel of rest. If you prefer they can rest at home or in church.

We wash and dress everyone in our care and you are invited to provide us with items such as a favourite outfit. We will carry out your wishes carefully and respectfully, but if you would like to help us look after your loved one, please let us know.

Freedom Funerals

Burial or Cremation

We offer choice, whether you are considering a green burial, a burial at sea, a traditional burial or cremation we will be there to talk through the myriad of choices.

The decision between a burial and cremation is a personal one and guides the funeral with practical considerations, such as location and possibly moving between venues having a bearing on the occasion.

If you are considering a churchyard burial or cemetery internment we will guide you through all the consideration from choice of church / crematorium, booking plots through to bearers, order of services and costs.

Freedom Funerals

Green Funerals

We offer a range of green and woodland funerals. Woodland burial sites aim to create an area of natural beauty with graves and plots only identified by the planting of trees and natural markers. Woodland settings offer a relaxed natural feel which can be further enhanced with options of bio-degradable coffin and burials, internment of ashes and scattering of ashes are possible at natural burial areas.

We are members of the Association of Green Funeral Directors.

Freedom Funerals

Type of Ceremony or Service

The funeral service expresses what you believe about life, as well as trying to consider the deceased’s will, religion or beliefs.

The funeral service or ceremony does not have to follow a traditional format and may be led by a religious leader, an independent celebrant, by your family and friends or one of the Freedom Funeral team who would be delighted to assist you at no extra charge.

The funeral service can be held somewhere traditional, in a church or crematorium, or if you prefer at home, in a garden, in a woodland setting or even in at a favourite football ground. We will liaise/organise the venue whether that is a place of worship, crematorium or local pub.

There is no “right way” and we are here to help and support you arrange a funeral that appropriately commemorates and celebrates the life of your loved one.