Choosing a Natural Green Burial in Colchester

There are a lot of reasons why a family may choose a green burial in Colchester. As well as being quite flexible – there is usually very little pressure to follow traditional funeral rules – often the process can represent an eco-friendlier option. Biodegradable caskets may be a fitting choice for a green burial, made of natural materials, ideal for the environmentally conscious. Grave markers in woodland burial locations are often fashioned from wood, rather than stone, to blend in respectfully with the beautiful surroundings of trees and plants. If the deceased was passionate about nature, or particularly enjoyed time out in nature, then a green funeral may be a lovely and appropriate way to memorialise them.

What is a green burial service and green burial site?

A green burial is a wonderful way to memorialise someone who enjoyed nature and being in the great outdoors throughout their life – or for family and friends to remember their lost loved one in the quiet, peaceful fresh air. As members of the Association of Green Funeral Directors, we offer a range of green funeral options, including in woodland burial sites where mourners can enjoy an aura of natural calm and grave plots may be marked with trees or plants, rather than headstones. Alternatively, these sites may also provide the ideal, serene location for ashes to be scattered or interred at a later moment.

Talk to us about our green burial services or visit our Costs page to find out more about what is included.

How much does it cost for a green burial in Colchester?

Many of our green burials take place at Oakfield Wood, in Wrabness, but there are many of woodland burial sites across the UK, and as you might expect, prices can vary accordingly from location to location. While there are some fees that are not applicable to green funerals (compared with more traditional options and cemetery burials, which themselves can differ between catchment areas) exact costs are dependent on your precise requirements and preferences.

If an eco-friendly, green burial at one with nature sounds just right, we are happy to talk you through the options in your area. Have a look on our Costs page and then simply call us, whenever is convenient, to discuss.