Caring and Respectful Direct Cremation Services in Colchester

Freedom Funerals is a family-run, independent business and we pride ourselves on the personal, respectful service and support that we are able to provide to those who have lost someone that they love. We take a high level of care in all aspects of our service, from the very first point of contact and in every funeral or memorial we deliver. Our direct cremation services in Colchester are no exception, offering families an alternative to elaborate and costly funerals which is still highly respectful and affords the freedom to host a wake or additional memorial if and however they like, so they can remember their loved one in their own unique way.

What is direct cremation?

Offering a different option to more traditional funeral services or ceremonial cremations, direct cremations can provide a way to save on the often-high costs associated with a traditional, full funeral or memorial ceremony. The direct cremation is unattended, arranged by your funeral director on a date you will be advised of, and after which you can collect your loved one’s remains to keep or scatter where you see fit. You are then completely free to celebrate your loved one’s life in your own chosen way on a separate occasion – and say farewell however you see fit.

Get in touch with the Freedom team, who are here to advise, on 01206 862 963, if you have any questions about direct cremations.

How do I arrange a direct cremation and how much does a direct cremation cost?

Direct cremations, being a modest alternative to more traditional funerals that can be full of pomp and circumstance, are a good option for those who are working to a budget, or who simply wish for a straightforward, no-frills service, perhaps based on the wishes of the deceased or their family and friends.

You can find guidance on the prices of direct cremations on our Costs page but please do reach out to us at Freedom Funerals as soon as you feel ready, and we can talk through each of our options and work out what is best for you, as well as the budget you have in mind.

We provide Direct Cremations across Essex and the wider region – click here to read more about Direct Cremations Essex.