Death Café Colchester

Welcome to Freedom Funeral’s Death Café Colchester page, where we aim to help break the taboo and discuss all matters of life and death over a cuppa and slice of cake.

The Death Cafe movement is spreading across the globe as people look for a comfortable place to open up about death, discuss life and matters that are important to them.

Talking about death and everything associated with it is something that many of us are unwilling to go and seek out, but it is important to be free to ask questions and learn about coping in an informal environment like a coffee shop.

We held the first-ever Death Café in Colchester at the Level Best Art Café back in February 2017, which was a resounding success. Attendees used the experience to openly talk about not just dying, but the process after someone passes away and coping mechanisms for those struggling to come to terms with someone passing away.

Since then we held a Death Café in association with an ‘After Life’ exhibition running at Hollytrees Museum. Again, people came together to share stories and inspire conversation that helped to change their outlook on life and death.

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