Caring and Respectful Cremation Services in Colchester, Essex

Grieving for someone you love is difficult at all times but can be made all the harder to bear when you factor in the worry and responsibility of having to arrange their funeral. But you need not do it alone; Freedom Funerals, a family-run, independent firm, are here to ease the stress and help you with dignified cremation services in Colchester, Essex. We can talk you through the entire process, answer your questions and concerns, and simply lend an ear when you need it the most – you can trust us to deliver a respectful memorial befitting your lost loved one.

What happens at a cremation?

Similar to a funeral service in which the deceased is buried, a cremation service is usually attended by mourners and led by an officiant. It may be religious, or not, and can be personalised by the friends and family of the lost loved one – including hymns or songs, readings or eulogies – and may be followed by a wake. At the end of a cremation service, rather than being lowered into the ground, the coffin is usually obscured from view or removed before the cremation process begins, which takes place away and completely separately from the memorial service. Ashes are returned to the deceased’s loved ones at a later point, for them to keep or scatter, as and when they would like.

How much does cremation cost in Colchester?

At Freedom Funerals, we pride ourselves on ensuring that our prices are listed clearly and openly so that you know what to expect at all times in addition to what is, and is not, included in our costs. It is part of the duty of care we feel towards the people we help, making sure they always feel supported without any need to worry that their budget will be compromised by unexpected or hidden fees. You can find guidance about cremation costs in Colchester, and our other services, on our Costs page, where prices are itemised, but do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or concerns – we are here day and night to assist you.

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